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Leader Group Inc aims to minimize managerial inefficiencies if they exist as quickly as feasible. We only trust our clients and our staff in honest communication. We aspire to deliver the best services as a quickly-growing truck shipping company with the aid of our trusted workers and integrated managed transport services.
Above all other carriers in Indiana and the Midwestern, we aim to provide the most exemplary workplaces for trucking professionals among all pages in Illinois and for our commitments to outstanding customer service.
Many Indiana trucking firms can accomplish just as much as they can. One or two things. However, we stand out among lorry companies in Indiana to provide high-level services in many different fields ranging from reasonable pricing and fast shipping to standing out among Indiana lorry businesses.

Company Driver

Our solo drivers will provide a cost-effective and professional freight forwarding solution for your business.

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Team Driver

If you are in need of fast and safe freight moving solutions, we have a fleet of professional team truck drivers for your best experience.

Owner Operator

Our owner operator jobs give you the freedom of running your own business, plus the huge advantage of partnering with a large, growing company.


Leader Group is one of Dyer, Indiana's fastest-growing carriers. The values of our firm rely heavily on consistency, dependability, and above all, client pleasure. Overall, the truck-based transport business is frustrated. Sometimes firms fail to successfully ship, leading to unfortunate consumers and often customers being lost. This is why, for effective operations, we have a series of troubleshooting techniques and dependable team members. We also believe in an ongoing process of progress. To minimize any waste in the organization, the leader group adopts lean methods. This is a family company, and we care for our family members with the highest care. We trust our staff and depend on them much like we trust our family. We treat our drivers as our family members so that we can build a long-lasting with them. This is our family business.



We provide our customers specific quality standards, and we strive to be one of the most trustworthy and focused trucking businesses in the country. We provide five services: solo drivers, team drivers, owner-operators, buy-in lease, and standard leasing. We offer five distinct services. The corporate ideals also rely on happy and trustworthy operators.
We aim to be one of the top firms in the Midwest. We strive to do that by offering our clients the lowest dedicated shipping offer and also by aiming to become one of the country's top freight forwarders. We are quickly becoming one of the finest Midwest truckers because we can give our customers the lowest dedicated shipping quota and yet pay our drivers among the best prices.
Our continuous dedication to operational efficiency and safety has been another way to establish ourselves as one of the top Midwest trucking firms. The finest transporters and the best trucking firms in the Midwest have few downtimes or delays due to equipment failure. At Leader Group, we ensure that our shop equipment is often served so that you don't have to worry about it on the road.

24/7 Driver Support

We never close. Our Team is available 24 Hours in order to deliver professional support.


Our number one goal is safety. At Leader Group drivers are the company’s biggest asset.

Earn Big!

At Leader Group besides great pay we provide Sign Up and performance-based bonuses

Start Diving Tomorrow

It means we don’t just come to work to do a job, we come to work to make a difference.

Start Driving TODAY!


Here's a of some of our drivers testimonials. Leader Group has made happy driver all over the states and we are proud to share some of their experiences with you.


Michel Anderson

Owner Operator
This trucking company gave me opportunity to buy my own truck and become my own boss. They support me in every way possible. I am really thankful to everyone in this company.

John Bridges

Company Driver
They really care about their drivers. The money is great, and the work is steady. Choosing Leader Group is the best decision I have made in my career.

Milos Markovic

Owner Operator
"Everyone in Leder Group is just driver-friendly. Whenever you have a problem or suggestion, they're open-minded and they'll listen to you and try to find a solution to help you out."

Marcelo Gomez

Company Driver
"It's a great company and it's growing. I believe that if you want to start somewhere and grow with a company, Leader Group would be a great company for you."

George Lewis

Owner Operator
Good pepole and great office staff great benefits and awsome equipment never break down and your always on time you can take off time for family functions if you want
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Our Equipment

We have our own equipment as well as some on a lease basis. We have a great owner operator program for company drivers who can enjoy plenty of benefits after joining us. Every step in our journey, we are with all of you.


At Leader Group, we offer satisfaction for all that brings the ultimate success.

24/7 Service

No matter what time it is, we are there for you 24/7. You will really enjoy everything after joining our company or getting services from us.

Safety and Benefits

This is our first priority in our company. We are aware of the safety of our drivers to any staff. We also offer the best benefits for you.


Last but not least, we keep our customers, carrier, and business partners openly in touch with them. If a problem or management problem exists, we discuss it freely for troubleshooting suggestions. With all ecosystem stakeholders, including consumers, carriers, and suppliers, it is evident that our aims are. Therefore, doing our work and shipping is easy for us. We also take less time to supply our consumers with these interns.


1900 Lake St, Unit 1, Dyer, IN, 46311

United States

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+1 219 247 8899  Fax +1 2196 27 2002

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